Mike Nelson is affectionally known as "Mike The Motivator," he is an Author, Educator,
Motivational Speaker and Minister. Growing up in West Philadelphia, Mike was an
average student at best. Mike without a doubt hated education because he felt as if
 the school had no connection to real life. Mike knew that College would allow him to learn a specific skill set he could not learn in West Philly.

So Mike applied and was accepted as
an at-risk student because of his low SAT scores into a small private University. Once
again, Mike could not find the connection between exams, homework, and projects to
reality. This lead to Mike having a 1.9 GPA his first semester and becoming an
academic risk student. Mike with key principles he learned triumphed and managed to
bring his GPA up and graduate in four years.

After College Mike worked as an Admissions Counselor, Student Advocate, and
Student Recruiter in the education field for five years. Mike understood many of the
challenges students faced and saw his employment in education as a way to assist
students who were just like him. Mike started to volunteer at K-12 schools in his local
area and inspire students to do better academically and motivate students towards
College and Career Readiness. From this point, Mike founded The Student Success
Tour- motivational and educational presentations with cutting-edge principles to help
students succeed academically and personally.

Today, Mike travels the country helping to set up programs in schools that help close
the achievement gap and helps schools with Positive Behavioral Interventions &
Supports strategies (PBIS) while also speaking at school assemblies. To date, Mike has
empowered, motivated and inspired over 100 schools, reaching thousands of students
and educators with his programs and message of "School Is The New Cool." In June
2017, Mike received his Master's degree while also publishing his first book for
students; The book is entitled Yes, You Can: 7 Keys to Student Success. Mike states
that "it is his mission to give students the blueprint to their academic and personal



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