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Learn how to become a professionally paid speaker regardless of your experience. If you have a passion and a message, it's time to stop wishing you were a successful speaker and become one. Get trained by one of the top 10 motivational speakers in the world.

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Very few people have the secret to success when it comes to speaking. Over the last few years ET has been packaging up his secrets and he's ready to share them with you. He's ready to show you that anyone can dominate the speaking game with the seven principles of creating a dynasty. 

Learn how to use your voice to influence and impact audiences in your own communities, in your own network, in your own space. 

It's no accident that you're here right now, and have the opportunity to be trained by one of the top 10 motivational speakers in the entire world!

The 7 Principles You Need to Master Your Craft of Public Speaking


Your WHY will fuel your message. Define your story and assess your strengths and weaknesses. Learn how to identify your niche group and deliver an effective story.


It's time to identify what your short and long term goals are. We will help you create a solid action plan to crush these goals once you leave and take action after training.


Now we must help you develop and incorporate your core values into your speaking career, as well as learn top strategies on how to speak with integrity and grow successful through your brand.


Next, come and learn the different platforms that exist and enable you to bring your message to the stage.


Value, value value. Your products and services are a reflection of what you are willing to give to your audience. Come and learn what products and services are the best fit for your niche, and how to develop an impactful and profitable product line.


Find out what price points would be most effective in getting your products or services out in the market and past your competition.


Turn your hobby into a business. We'll teach you how to leverage your craft for financial gain and create a long-lasting income.

What's Included

Quarterly workshops with Dr. Eric Thomas & the team

Evaluation of your current branding/logo, website, videos and social media presence*

Complimentary admission to ETA live events**

Bi-weekly group coaching calls


Bi-weekly mastermind calls with ET, CJ, Karl & Josh

ETA's speaker's manual

Access to Breathe University® content & weekly calls

Become an ETA Certified Speaker


New Business Opportunities

Go from good to great and great to phenomenal. Instantly boost your speaking career and gain access to a portfolio of speaking engagements.

Next Level Breakout Sessions

Empowering, informative, and career changing breakout sessions with some of the industry's top business trainers.

Elite Networking

Connect with hundreds of other speakers, locate more gigs, and create new relationships with like-minded people.

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Be one of the few to become an ETA Certified Speaker.

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