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Latest books, swag and mixtapes by Eric Thomas
Free video to see strategies used behind-the-scenes to build a multi-million dollar speaking business.
1% Challenge
Next Challenge Starts December 1!
Our last challenge for the year starts soon!
Finish the year strong with a 1% Challenge from ET!
Breathe University
50% OFF All Levels!
Build The Life That You Want!
What do you want in you MARRIAGE? What do you want with your KIDS? What do you want in your HEALTH? What do you want FINANCIALLY? How do you want to LIVE?

It's time to stop just waking up like an accident...

I want to help you work out WHAT YOU WANT and then spend the rest of your natural life, EXECUTING and going after it like never before!
1% Business
Breathe University
The 1% Business Program Is For Those Looking To Brand & Grow A Profitable Small Business
The Roadmap That Transformed My Brand & Business From 6 Figures... To Multiple Seven Figures!
And How You Can Transform Your Business This Year!
2020 Goals T-Shirt
Will this be THE YEAR you finally act on your goals, taking them from dream to reality?
If you answered yes, then let's do this!
See, 99% of the world dreams about their goals; it's only the 1% that get up and chase them!

What's stopping you? Become The 1%!

Grind Gear
Wear what INSPIRES you! 
Grab your Tees, Hoodies, Bags & Caps!
The Prescription
New Album
ETA Records Presents, The Prescription The Latest Album from Dr. Eric Thomas
You Ain't The Boss Of Me
New Book
A comic book designed for parents of students and their teachers to uncover each other’s superpowers! In part one of the book, students and their teachers will learn what their strengths are and why these strengths exist. In part two of the book, the readers will know how to uncover their true purpose and how to tap into their destiny!
Secrets To Success
My First Best Selling Book!
In this book I'll tell you through first hand experience how I started to live up to my full potential and greatness and by breaking the cycles of crime, hopelessness and despair that many face daily. 

An inspiring read for anyone wanting to be more successful!
Greatness Is Upon You
When You Look In The Mirror... Can You Honestly Say That Your Life’s Choices Reflect Your Potential For Greatness??

Well I Want To Help You Get There!
Greatness Is Upon You
24 life changing principles to help you grow personally and professionally as you strive to achieve your goals.
Each lesson brings readers one step closer to the unyielding truth behind Eric's message: Greatness Is Upon You…act like it.  
Average Skill Phenomenal Will
Underdogs unite!  This one is for you! 
Average Skill Phenomenal Will is the latest life changing offering by Eric Thomas! It's ok if you have average skill because, if you have Phenomenal Will, the world can be yours! 
Free 2019 Goals Tee
Just Pay The Shipping & Handling
Is this THE YEAR you finally stop writing goals, and make them a reality?
If you answered yes, then let's do this!
See, 99% of the world dreams about their goals, it's only the 1% that EXECUTE!
Become The 1%!!!
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