You’ve taken the Passport Personality Assessment to help you understand your preferences and your blind spots.

Now it’s time to go a bit further. Now it’s time to take a DEEP DIVE so that you can reach levels of EXTREME EXECUTION. I have shared with you time and time again, through the power of EXTREME EXECUTION I was able to become the number #1 Motivational Speaker in the world and become a part of the 1% Club. 

If you are no longer satisfied living the life of the 80% or 20% club - we invite you to the process of joining the 1% club. The DEEP DIVE is designed to help you optimize and maximize growth in your personal life, professional career and/or your business life. It is critical for you to be able to understand and identify your Talents, Non-Talents, Opportunities, and Threats

  • Identify areas you naturally excel
  • Advantages that separate you from competitors
  • Identify resources and assets need to optimize your success
  • Key indicators that are affecting your performance 
  • Advantages your competitors have over you
  • Dangers of having an unclear USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Learning about the untapped areas in your life or underserved markets for specific USP
  • Understanding the emerging need for your USP personally and professionally 
  • Utilizing your USP in the right environment and at the right time

  • Identifying unforeseen or new pain points in your relationships or business
  • Situations or circumstances that may changed and require your attention  
  • Effects of negative circumstances and situations 
  • Changing love ones and or others attitudes toward you that might be damaging

This series of 4 customized sessions help you to understand and strategically apply levels of mastery as it relates to your unique gift while also minimizing your blind spots.  

Each session will focus on the following:

  • Session 1 = How to SELF ASSESS who YOU are.

    • Understanding Positive Behavioral Preferences and Tendencies
    • Unlock your personal superpower
    • Identifying Language, Habits, and Process that hinder your performance

  • Session 2 = Accept how YOU operate.

    • Overcoming the Fear of Failure, Lack of Confidence and Negative Self-Talk
    • Building a Supportive + Progressive environment for optimal success
    • Positioning your Superpower to stay Recession Proof 


  • Session 3 = Recognize HOW others see you.

    • The Importance of Language in Communication 
    • Improving Your Authentic Leadership Style 
    • Assembling The Dream Team - Keys to hiring and recruiting other 1-percenters

  • Session 4 = Learn how to stop making ASSUMPTIONS and CONSTRAINTS that are preventing you from experiencing Extreme Execution

    • Preferences vs. Performance 
    • Creating and Mastering your own 1% Habits
    • Building Systems & Management Strategies for optimal efficiency (specific to YOU)
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