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We’ve helped thousands identify their natural abilities, and set them on the path for GLOBAL IMPACT

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Welcome to the Personality Passport Portal!  In just a few moments you’ll be completing a personality assessment designed to outline your dominant personality traits. This includes the 22 page assessment that gives you  DiSC + Meyers Briggs all in one! All the insights about you, how you lead, communicate and live, and how others see you are inside this report. You will be paired with one of our certified coaches to help you fully understand your natural preferences and how you can make the necessary adjustments to execute at a higher level.

For group consultations, please email us at [email protected]

In just 15 minutes:

  • Identify YOUR NATURAL Preferences & what happens when you become uncomfortable;
  • Learn EXACTLY HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR TEAM without assuming or guessing;
  • RECOGNIZE THE personality preferences on your team;
  • Master HOW YOUR BEHAVIOR AFFECTS YOUR TEAM when you're stressed or frustrated;
  • Anticipate HOW YOUR TEAMMATES RESPOND to critical items;
  • Stop apologizing for YOUR NATURAL STRENGTHS;
  • Get your team on the same sheet of music WITH ALL THE DIFFERENT Preferences!

What's Included?

  • Your Passport Personality Assessment 
  • An on-demand follow-up phone consultation $297 Value
  • Customized 22-pg. PDF based on YOUR Personality preferences   $47 Value
  • 4 Ways Others See You (without even asking them) PRICELESS
  • 5+ Ways to Be More Effective (Customized to You) PRICELESS
  • 7+ Personalized Insights to help YOU be more dynamic!
  • 8+ Ways to Create the Ideal Work Environment for Yourself
  • 10 Expert Communication Strategies  to embrace or avoid!

The Process...

As this information will be new to you, we have Personality coaches standing by to review your submissions.  The time between taking the assessment, receiving results, and your consultation with your coach, customarily falls within 24 - 48 hours. To ensure that our emails aren't sent to your bulk or spam folder, we recommend you add [email protected] to your approved sender list, also known as your white list. In the unlikely event that you don't receive any communication from our coaching staff within that 24-hour window, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] 

Final boarding call...

For group consultations, please email us at [email protected]

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