Bolaji O
ETA Certified Speaker

Painfully Shy African Kid Turns Superhero Speaker & Author, Giving Voice to Underdog Kids Everywhere.

Bolaji O (Doctor Hero) helps elementary schools improve their students' social and emotional skills so that they can have long-term success in school and life.

Bolaji is the creator of Brave Young Heroes. As a bestselling author, Bolaji has published 50 superhero books that help kids discover their inner superhero. He's also the associate producer of the "Look to the Sky" superhero documentary, and a producer of superhero animated shorts.

Bolaji grew up a painfully shy kid. He felt socially awkward. He felt invisible. He felt broken. But he also had an unusual certainty, that one day he would change the world. He just didn't know how. His refuge? Spiderman comic books. Bolaji saw himself in a hero that struggled to fit in by day, but by night found his great power, and tempered it with great responsibility.

When Bolaji became a father, he promised that it wouldn't take his son decades to find his own voice. Today, Bolaji helps voiceless kids find their voice. His "I, S.U.P.E.R." framework helps kids find their heroic identity, and master the twenty-four positive character traits necessary for success in school and life.

If a shy, socially anxious kid like Bolaji could grow up to:
- Perform in the 1996 Olympics Opening Ceremonies
- Perform in an MTV Music Video
- Chase his dream to be the next Walt Disney
(even after being rejected by Pixar, 12 Times)
- Produce his first animated short in response, and
- Reach over 200,000 kids around the world with his 50 superhero stories,
There is hope for every child out there to find their power and change the world.

Bolaji is determined to help every child, parent, and child educator, write themselves into their most heroic story. Welcome to Brave Young Heroes. Where underdogs live bold adventures, and story becomes real life.

Let’s go change the world.

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